MARF Newsletter October 2016

As summer drew to a close, the individuals served by MARF enjoyed staying at an ocean front condominium at Folly Beach.  For two weeks in September, small groups from MARF travelled to the beach and partook in many of the activities the Charleston area has to offer.  Although each person’s vacation experience was different, persons served enjoyed relaxing on the beach, dining at local restaurants, visiting Magnolia Plantation, and taking a carriage ride through downtown Charleston.  The residents are looking forward to planning their vacation for next year. 

MARF is proud to announce that we have been Living Wage Certified by Just Economics, a local non-profit organization that advocates for fair wages in Western North Carolina. Just Economics defines a living wage as the amount a single individual must earn hourly to afford their basic necessities, without public or private assistance. A living wage takes into account what it costs to afford housing, healthcare, food, and transportation in Western North Carolina more realistically than the minimum wage does.  To become Living Wage Certified through Just Economics, employers must pay their full-time employees at least $11.00 per hour with the option of health insurance, or $12.50 per hour without the option of health insurance.  Other factors may offset this hourly wage, such as tips, or providing employees with housing, food, or transportation.  Just Economics provides all Living Wage Certified employers with marketing tools, networking opportunities, and educational workshops as a way to thank employers for advancing their mission to educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable local economy that works for all in Western North Carolina.  For more information on Just Economics or their Living Wage Employer Certification Program, visit

MARF Newsletter-August 2016

From the Executive Director

MARF has had a busy quarter.  In March, our accreditation body, CARF, visited MARF for three days.  The intention of this visit was to survey the services we provide and our business management practices to ensure MARF meets CARF standards.  During this survey, we were pleased to host John Collins, a CARF surveyor for more than 10 years.  John provided our leadership team with plenty of useful information and feedback during his visit. As a result of the survey, MARF is pleased to have received a 3 year accreditation.  MARF has been working hard to revamp our website.  One of the primary needs in updating the website is to have current pictures.  During the first week in July,we hosted local photographer Taylor Johnson.  Taylor joined the staff and residents at many off our favorite local spots including the Southeastern Sports Medicine swimming pool, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the train tracks below St. Dunstans.  We hope these photographs will enable MARF’s website to have a new look very soon.   

Get Involved

As we begin to look to the future, we are constantly bracing ourselves for change.  Change could mean a different structure for individual program plan meetings, different reimbursement rates, or different rules MARF must comply with in operating its homes. Smoky Mountain Center is MARF’s local management entity (LME) and is responsible for implementing many of the changes that occur in service provision.  As parents, guardians, persons served, and family members we can begin to involve ourselves in these changes by getting involved. In Asheville, there is a Community and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) which was initiated in July of 2002. CFAC is a self-governed consumer- and family-based committee that partners with Smoky Mountain Center. 

CFAC represents a more focused and structured way for Smoky Mountain to work in "constructive partnership" with consumers and families to infuse their experiences into service delivery models and community collaboration. Key roles of the CFAC include:

  • Establishing a line of communication with administration in order to listen to issues and programs being considered, identify local service needs in the new system, and identify informal resources in communities;
  • Serving as a voice for other individuals and family members who have mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse
  • needs. CFAC members should talk with other people in their communities about needed services, supports and resources.
  • Participating in advocacy efforts for changes that the State should consider as part of reform.
  • Looking at quality improvement and quality assurance to ensure high quality services in the communities served by Smoky Mountain LME/MCO.

The next CFAC meeting will be held on August 15 at 6pm at 200 Ridgefield Court.  We encourage you to attend!

Amazon Smile

Are you an online shopper? If so, the next time that you shop on, try Amazon Smile instead. It is exactly the same as with all of the same products and convenience, but with Amazon Smile, five percent of your purchase goes to the non-profit organization of your choosing. To designate MARF as your supported organization, go to and type in “Mountain Area Residential Facilities” when the website prompts you to choose a cause. We also have a button that leads directly to our Amazon Smile page under the “donate” page on our website

Upcoming Birthdays: Stephen Meywes - September 26

MARF Newsletter-January 2016

Mountain Area Residential Facilities, Inc. Newsletter

January 2016


The mission of Mountain Area Residential Facilities, Inc. (MARF) is to provide residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities through education, advocacy, and community involvement in a person-centered environment.

MARF, Inc.:

  • Provides persons served opportunities to live a full and meaningful life.
  • Recognizes the value of each individual and his/her potential to succeed in life and work.
  • Provides services that meet the individual needs of persons with intellectual and developmental challenges.
  • Supports staff with the resources, training and leadership to carry out the organization’s mission.
  • Supports families of persons with intellectual and developmental challenges to ensure love, respect, and human dignity within the family unit and broader community.


MARF Celebrates the Holidays

On December 2nd, 2015, MARF residents, families and board members, as well as students of Warren Wilson College, and neighbors gathered at Zabrkiskie Hall in All Souls Episcopal Church to celebrate the holidays.  The event featured arts and crafts, snacks, and caroling.  A very special thank you to the social work students of Warren Wilson College for volunteering.

A few of our residents celebrated the holidays by making a trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC.  The residents enjoyed driving a simulated NASCAR ride and watching clips of races in the High Octane Theater.  In addition, the residents enjoyed spending the night at the Hampton Inn, in Charlotte.

Thank you for all of the holiday contributions.  As you are aware, many of the persons served do not have friends or family to help make the holidays a special time.  The contributions received helped to make the holidays a little brighter for these individuals.

CARF International visits St. Dunstan’s

CARF is a non-profit organization that accredits health and human services organizations.  MARF was last accredited in April, 2013 and was awarded a 3 year accreditation.  We look forward to hosting CARF surveyors March 21-23, 2016 in pursuit of our accreditation.

The Traveler                                                                                                  

Many of you know Ivan McDaniel as MARF’s resident traveler. Ivan has travelled to New York, Nashville, Pittsburgh and many other exciting places, and this year is no exception. In February, Ivan is off to Los Angeles, California.  Ivan travels with the support of The Guided Tour.  The Guided Tour has been in operation for ten plus years, supporting individuals with disabilities to travel to many fabulous places.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the services provided by the Guided Tour, please do not hesitate to contact the MARF office.

Upcoming Dates:

 February 21 Presidents Day     -     March 21-23 CARF visits MARF     -     March 27 Easter

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